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Nintex workflow flexi-task url's

Question asked by heget on Dec 14, 2016



we have 2 urls in - Alternate Access Mapping set in the Central Admin of SharePoint 2013.

First is http://domainA ín default zone, second is http://domainB in intranet zone. (alias url)


Now we change from doaimA to domainB all workflows (for one sitecollection), but in flexi-tasks (the sended email with approve and item link) is allways in default therefore http://domainA/site1/Lists/Tasks/EditForm.aspx?ID=114* as approving link.


I need to switch to second url domainB


I found this solution on internet, but need more to know if this is safety process.


I need NWAdmin and put this code, is it correct ?

nwadmin.exe -o AddZoneSetting -type WebApplication -url http://domainA -zone Intranet


Or is it some another solution?


Thanks in advance.