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Mobile Form Stuck in Outbook when back in range

Question asked by bsmith on Dec 13, 2016

Opened a support ticket, but thought I'd throw this out in the forums too.  We have a form that works well on desktop and in mobile except in this one scenario:

1. User puts Android mobile phone into airplane mode to mimic being out of cell and wifi range in remote location
2. User opens the Nintex Mobile app and completes a form and hits the submit arrow
3. The form goes to the Outbox as expected
4. User waits a few minutes and then takes the Android mobile phone out of airplane mode to mimic going back into cell and wifi range
5. The form remains in the Outbox and doesn’t get processed automatically
6. When you click into the Outbox there’s an error message “Error: The server encountered an unexpected condition, which prevented it from fulfilling the” and the error message is cut off there (see attached)
7. When you click into the form there are no further error messages or validation highlights
8. When you click submit on the form in the Outbox the form submits successfully

So for some reason the form just wants some human interaction when it’s back in cell/wifi range, but obviously the business users don't want their staff to have to take that extra manual step that can easily be forgotten. 


Has anybody seen this, could it be a configuration mistake (e.g. repeating sections, panels with conditional formatting, people and groups field, etc.) or is it a real bug?