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How to process report filters in lightning?

Question asked by sreekanth.kalluru on Dec 15, 2016



I am using 'Loop.ProcessDdpParameters' class to process multiple ddp's from a custom Visual force page. The DDP's run from this pages contains pv0 and pv1 fields to filter the report's data.

Now, the issue is the solution works fine in Salesforce classic and when I try to run the same in Lightning getting below error.


A downloaded report has missing or invalid data. Please check your button and report configuration.
Include this Error Id if you contact Drawloop Support: d93b43e2-7743-403a-b2de-7da8ac6dfb0c

Is there a way to pass the report filter fields through 'ProcessDDPParameters'.  Any inputs would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.