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State Machine with Assign Flexi task action

Question asked by nintexdp on Dec 14, 2016
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We have designed the workflow(Nintex workflow 2013) having state machine and assign flexi task action. The assign flexi task action is inside the state machine.

The state machine action has 2 states (Submit and Resubmit) . Submit state has assign flexi task action and it is also starting state.

The assign flexi task action has 3 outcome Reject , Approve and Need More Information.

In Reject and Approve outcome we are updating item and sending notification.

In Need more information outcome , we are changing state machine state (move to Resubmit state). In Resubmit state , we are again changing state(move to Submit state).


Now , the workflow is not working at this stage as per expectation i.e. when moving to Submit state from Resubmit state , the task is not creating again.


Attached is screen shot of entire workflow.


Any suggestion here why it is not working  ?


We have also tried adding Pause for action in resubmit state and in this case the task is created again but our requirement is not to add Pause for action in resubmit and expectation is task should be created again when changing state.