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Query and Update issue with Large SharePoint list using Nintex Workflows

Question asked by karinmeadows on Dec 13, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2016 by philipplucas



We are trying to run a workflow with a Query List, For Each (includes Run Parallel, Collection Operation, and update item.)  We are looking up to a SharePoint list that has 4000+ records and we are successful if we have the workflow run for current item only, but we want to schedule this nightly and have it run all of the records.


In our Query Action, we have a filter to only query a few records, but it seems like it is looking at every record.  It errors out.  It does update some records but not all and it is lower numbers.  The error shows up in the For Each and Update Item actions. 


Is it possible to look up to a view if the issue is that the workflow is trying to pull in 4000+ records?


In our test environment our workflow works and on another small list, the workflows works, so this is why we think it is the size of the list that is the problem.


Can anyone help us please????


Rebecca & Karin