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Content Type fields not visible

Question asked by on Dec 12, 2016
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In my workflow I have a webservice call. If this call fails, I perform the below mentioned actions:

1. Request Data action --> this will send a notification to concerned SP group with links to recover the workflow since the workflow has gone into an error state. On click of the "here" link (in "Click here to input recover information"), it is re-directed to the task associated with the workflow.

2. The request data action will collect the information from a custom content type defined. This content type requires the user to enter the username and password and click on the "Complete Task" button provided on the task web page to which it has been re-directed.

The issue that I am facing is that I am not able to view these fields on the web page in an input form format for providing the username and password (similar to the one shown in below figure). On clicking the "Complete Task" button these details will be send to the webservice call

Please suggest.