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Create Item In Another Site method creates infopath forms as word docs so they have broken links and cant be opened

Question asked by drose on Sep 4, 2014
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Using 2010 SP NIntex I attempt to use the 'Create Item In Another Site' method using an INfoPath form as a content type it wrongly creates the form as a MS word doc content type and uses the ms word icon and a link to open a word doc, not an InfoPath doc.   Needless to say, the newly created infopath form throws an error and can't be opened when the newly created item is clicked.


if i manually change the doc type back from .docx to .xml and upload the form is then recongnzied and functional as an InfoPath form.


The same IP form and Nintex method will work correctly on another library (they are both Document Sets). Using the method on the bad actingb doc set library if I create a form in antoher site library it works find but the same workflow will again try to make a Word doc out of an infopath doc. 


Does anyone have any ideas what could break this Nintex functionality on a specific document set library? is this a known bug/interaction or is it something I am doing wrong?  The infopath form opens just fine when I create a new form directly from the content type and other infpath forms on the library open just fine when uploaded or added as a default document.


here is a copy of the link created for the IP form using the Nintex method above:

( looks like i can't paste to this text box, fyi)


any help appreciated




I found that if i add '.xml' to the Name string we are asked to create in the method that it overrides the bug and is created as an infopath form.


So if the name of your form is 'My Form"   just change it in the Name field of the configuation pane to 'My Form.xml"


essentialy it changes formName.doc  to formName.xml


much better than alternative workaorounds we were strategizing.