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LazyApproval Settings

Question asked by cazza162 Champion on Dec 8, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2017 by sarahbishop

I understand the inheritance of the LazyApproval terms at site collection and site level that the terms come from the phrases in the farm (as outlined in this post Some LazyApproval terms are not interperted).  In my farm phrases I have "approved" and at my site collection level I have "approved".  If I respond to a lazy approval email with the term "approved" I get automated response saying "Your response was not able to be interpreted. Please try again with a clear indication of your chosen outcome."

If I "break" the inheritance by adding phrases at site collection level, these phrases should be taken into account when I reply to an email from a workflow.  I have added "cassy" as a term but when I reply to lazy approval for a workflow on that site I get the same error as above.  However, if I reply with "approve" it works fine.

This makes absolutely no sense to me - has anyone seen this before?