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Days Remaining Before Due Date

Question asked by callison on Dec 6, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2016 by callison

I am building what should be a simple workflow to calculate the number days remaining before a due date. 


Currently my setup is like this:

I have a calculated sharepoint column that gives a number of days remaining in before the due date. 

I am using my List item workflow to update a number column with the same information that is in the calculated column. 


I built a site workflow to run at midnight every day. Here is how the site workflow is setup:

I have a math operation that looks at the "days remaining" column

The math operation stores that result in a variable.

I have an update item following this math operation that updates the column with the stored variable. 


I ran the workflow and it did work. BUT it only updated the first item in the list. It would not update any others. 


Do I need to put in some sort of a loop to have it look at all of the items in the list? Any ideas?


Thank you,


Cody Allison