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Wait for Item update workflow action check blank date

Question asked by darrentcs on Dec 6, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2017 by darrentcs

Hi, I am trying to prevent a workflow from running until a date/time entry field is not blank.

I followed the tutorial here to create set a date/time variable called DueDate to 1/1/0001 using the convert action.
I then set the wait for update action as follows:


my date time/field
not equals
workflow data:Due variable (set to 1/1/001).

However the action doesn't fire/see the variable as blank (even though I checked at the time of compare) the date/time field is blank - using log to history. I noticed using a condition and checking if the date time field is equal to the DueDate variable it works OK. What is the deal with the wait for update item action?

I also noticed that if you set the wait for item update action to wait for a text field value to change, and the text field gets updated by another workflow using a web service to update the field, the update item continues to pause and doesn't fire, continue the workflow, even though the text field value gets updated. Appears this action is pretty poor.


In short, I need the workflow to pause until the due date value is not bank. Another workflow updates this value and I need the first workflow to pause until the second workflow has populated the date/time field.

The wait for item update action doesn't appear to be working/ do this.


Any ideas appreciated