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Query calendar to determine if there is an event on a specific date

Question asked by murphybp2 Champion on Sep 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2015 by monicapope

I'm having an issue doing something I thought would be pretty simple.  We have a calendar in our company where our HR department maintains the list of corporate holidays.  I'm wanting to query the list for a given date, and determine if there is a holiday on the calendar.  The holiday events are setup as all day events, and if the even spans multiple days, then the start/end dates cover a span of days.


So in my workflow I have a single date that I'm attempting to query the calendar with, and determine if there is a holiday on that date.  Howeve the issue I'm having is that I'm getting results back for the days when there isn't an event.  For example there is an event for Thanksgiving that is starts on 11/27/2014 and ends on 11/28/2014.  However when I run a test using 11/26/2014, it returns the thankgsiving event in the results.  Here is how I have my Query List setup.  




I saw some posts on the old forum about changing the date to ISO format, so I have done that before I do the Query List.  But I still get the same results.  I'm stumped as to what the issue is.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.