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General questions to the 'Nintex workflows' library

Question asked by thzu on Dec 7, 2016
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Hi all!
Hope you can answer one or more of these questions!


I just discovered the Nintex Workflows library. In it there is a folder for each workflow and in each folder there are two files (forms?) with the ending .xml and .xoml.
What is the diference?

In case I used InfoPath before I see those forms as well (the old ones are checked out).


My problem is that I cannot change my form back to default (not InfoPath) in my workflows with reviews. I mentioned that in a few previous questions. Do you think I can fix the problem through this library somehow?




I read this post:

 NWAssociatedWebID : what is this ID and what does the value change?

NintexWorkflowID: Why do you have to specify the Workflow ID? Why does this not happen automatically? And what changes when typing the ID in?


Thanks a lot!!!