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Cascading lookup validation control

Question asked by rossd on Nov 30, 2016
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I have a request Control in a workflow, that has 3 linked lookups. They are cascading lookups, i.e. the details are in a list and only show items relating to the previous lookup.


I want to have a validation rule on the lookups, the first 2 are easy as they always have values, but the 3rd lookup doesn't always have a value. is there a expression I can put in the rule that counts the number of items in the lookup?


The Named Control is called rootCauseSubCategory. I have put count n there, but I know it doesn't work as it counts the number of a repeated section.


RootCauseSubCategory=="" && count(RootCauseSubCategory)>0


Is there another function that will return the number of items in a lookup, so I can use a validation rule on the control?