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Creating a Nintex workflow to manage SharePoint 2013 Document Management/Deletion policy

Question asked by on Nov 28, 2016
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I've got records that we are maintaining in a sharepoint 2013 library that are subject to a regulatory retention period.  I have activated in the SharePoint library the records declaration feature to allow manual declaration of these records when added to the library.  I also created a retention policy on these documents for the 5-year required retention based upon a metadata field representing the record start date.   Currently I have the policy defined to move these records to the recycle bin but our administrators set up an auto empty of the recycle bin for every 30 days.   In some instances we are required to maintain these records beyond the 5-year period so it is risky to put them in the recycle bin over concerns that a record gets deleted that should not have been.  I see in the SharePoint retention policy there is an option to start a workflow so I was trying to create one in Nintex that would move any records from the main "active" library to a different "scheduled for destruction pending compliance review" library so we could set up an alert to our team members when documents move out of the active records library over to the pending review library.  Then we can examine the records to make sure they are okay to delete. 


I'm not sure how to build this workflow in Nintex.  Anyone else have any tips and/or guide on how to build one?