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Including size of document into approval workflow

Question asked by francispmc on Nov 25, 2016

I am creating an approval workflow for a document library. One of the things that has been requested is that the workflow includes some kind of check to show that the document has not been modified between person a giving approval and person b reviewing.

The way I've seen this done in other contexts is to include  a "hash" value in the message, where that hash value is calculated by an algorithm based on the file size and contents.

I can't find any equivalent to this in Nintex, but in lieu of that, is there any way to get the file size of the document into the workflow approval message?

I can find lots of items related to nwf file size, and to the size of list item attachments, but nothing relating to getting the size of the document to which the workflow is attached, and there is nothing that I can see in the "Common" and "Item properties" tabs.