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Comparing date value to today's date does not work in Query List

Question asked by christopherc on Nov 23, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2017 by rylander

I have been trying quite a number of ways but still coming up with a 0. Will appreciate any help from Nintex gurus here.



I am trying to have a site workflow send out email notifications to staff based on a date field in a list.

Method 1: Use a variable, TodayDate, set it to blank and call up a Set variable action and set TodayDate = Current Date

However, in the Query List, comparing TodayDate with the date field brings up no results regardless of whether I use TodayDate more than, less than, equal to field date. The only one that gives output is TodayDate not equal to field date, which will return all rows.


Method 2: 

Using the TodayDate, I convert it into a serial number (TodayDate - "1/1/1900"). This value is in seconds so I convert it into days.

Add an additional calculated column in my list that gives the date field output in a number field

Compare TodayDate with the new calculated column.


Unfortunately, this is also not working regardless of the comparison operator. The most frustrating thing is that one of the field values is the same as TodayDate, and setting TodayDate = calculated serial date does not give that row result.


If I use "is not equal to", I will get all the rows (even the one which is the same value as TodayDate).


But if I use any other operator, I will not get any results.