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Connecting a Calculated Value field to a Multi-Lines Text Control

Question asked by mhuynh on Nov 22, 2016

Hi Everyone,


I have a list where most of the controls are lookup to columns from another list library.  While I'm able to connect them all to the appropriate controls, I'm not able to connect to a control that is a multi-lines text field.


My list (call it List B), contains columns that are the same as those in List A.  Two of the columns are multi-lines text fields. So, I'm using Calculated Value controls on the form for my List B to pull over data from a record in List A.  While I'm able to get all the calculated value fields to connect correctly, I'm not able to connect 2 of the fields to the two columns that are multi-lines text.  The columns have been added to my list (B) as multi-lines to be consistent with the matching columns in List A but when I try to connect to them, they're not visible as available controls to connect to.  The minute I change the field type to Single-line text, they show up in my form to connect to BUT they don't capture data in these two controls correctly.  The data are captured as <div> </div> in my list library (List B) for those two columns. 


Can someone help me correct this issue?  I need to have the data in these two fields captured as they appeared on the form.


Back story: I'm using List B as a secondary list to attach a workflow to push submitted data back over to List A.