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Scheduled Site Workflow failed to run

Question asked by vanvo on Nov 22, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2018 by knoll-mb

I scheduled a site workflow to run at 3:15pm everyday to update the "Date" field in SharePoint List, but it has never run. It only run when I started it manually by clicking on "Start" button to initiate the workflow (see attached). I got the workflow notification error "A scheduled workflow failed to run". I followed the instructions on this article "Scheduled workflows and the Nintex Workflow Scheduler timer job", and my System Admin did below steps:


1. NWAdmin.exe -o UninstallTimerJob -job ScheduledWorkflows
2. NWAdmin.exe -o InstallTimerJob -job ScheduledWorkflows -url http://mywebappurl

But the workflow still hasn't run automatically. Did I miss anything?