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List Lookup Filtering "Like or contains"

Question asked by inimri on Nov 22, 2016
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i have two lists, Customer Info and Call Log.

Customer Info list contains two columns, Customer Name and Customer Number

and the Call Log list contains a lookup column connected to the Customer Info list by Customer Name.


in the Call Log Form, i added the Customer Name lookup control and a single line of text acting like a search box.

i configured the lookup control to be filtered by the search box value that is looking at the "Customer Number" column in the "Customer Info" list.


the filter applies an "Equal" expression, i think this is the default behavior, because the lookup control returns the customers name with the exact number in the search box.

for example, customer number = 123

if you type 12 in the search box, no value is returned in the lookup control


what I'm trying to accomplish is to apply the filter as "Contains or Like", so the lookup control will return all the customers name that contains a phone number like '123'


is it doable? if yes, how?


Thank you