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Approve a Request (without the link)

Question asked by bimi82 on Nov 22, 2016
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Sorry about the not reasonable title but I will explain in more details here.

Basically, I have a Doc. Library where I created a workflow which runs when a form request has been raised.


The form status remains Pending until it has been approved.

The Workflow process sends out an notification email to the relevant approver with a link leading to the Approval Page.


The problem is that, once the user deletes the email notification > there is not a simple way of approving it.

My question is how to implement it so the Approver can approve it directly from : (see below)



I also tried the Content Approval > Require content approval for submitted items? > YES

which enables the a Approve/Reject button in the ribbon but it does not work / interact with the actual workflow.


I am confused