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Two Cascading Dropdowns from One List

Question asked by mhuynh on Nov 21, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2016 by mhuynh

I have 2 lists, one a master (List A) and the other one (List B) I'm looking to add a workflow to push data over to the master list (List A) once submitted. 


With regards to List B, I would like to have 2 cascading dropdowns where the first one will display all of the data from column "Reporting Period" in List A.  Then, I would like to add a second cascading dropdown where it will populate all items associated with the selected "Reporting Period" from the first cascading dropdown (again, this data will be from column "Name of Organization" in List A. 


Data in List A will be added from time to time so the first cascading dropdown will expand dynamically.  I need to have the second cascading dropdown control to perform respectively.  I've read the post on creating cascading dropdown and while it is very informative and easy to follow, I can't get it to work with a dynamic list library. 


Can someone help me?  Is this possible?

Many thanks.....