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Mobile does NOT work on android devices

Question asked by sandy_s on Nov 23, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2016 by sandy_s

Hi All, 


I am exploring Nintex Mobile for my Andriod phone (Samsung Galaxy S7). The environment  is Office 365 with SharePoint Online. 

I referred to this URL to configure apps but still do not work for my solution : 

Signing in Nintex Mobile  


Company has 2 accounts for each 
1) For corporate account with email address as 

2) Office account with email address as 

Downloaded the 

  • Firstly accessed the site from Chrome Brower and it worked well. 

  • Downloaded the Nintex Mobile and accessed the same URL as above but got an error. 


Any other additional configuration required for Mobile apps for Andriod?? 


Please advice. Frank Field Fernando Hunth Shirin Patel 



Thanks in advance.