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Task emails routed to junk email folder

Question asked by drose on Nov 22, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2016 by tomcastiglia

Nintex and SharePoint 2010.  Large enterprise.  Recent settings causing most task notifications to be routed to Junk Email file.  We are hearing it is something in the nintex email headers causing this.  Not certain.  What information can Nintex provide that can help us prevent tasks being routed to Junk Email.  We are not using fake return addresses but leaving them blank (the 'from' line).  There are too many approvers in a large enterprise to train them all to reroute junk email to inbox.   Things used to work fine.  Now everybody is grumbling.  Something in our security settings is interacting with something in Nintex email header info to effect this so it is everybodies fault and we need to work together.