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Nintex workflow: Assign Flexi Task "Task Form"

Question asked by robg on Nov 21, 2016

Hi All

I am wondering if anyone has come across this before.

A workflow was set up in environment 'Env A" which was exported from here and imported into another environment 'Env B' with associated forms etc.


We noticed that after this, the Task Form for edit had reverted back to the OOTB SharePoint form even though looking under "Edit Task Form"  within the workflow it displays the correct Nintex form 'Env B'.


We found this article: 

Nintex Flexi Task form reverted to OOB SharePoint form | Nicole Prestby 


Looking at the 2 different environments we saw exactly was described within this article:

Env A properties SharePoint designer:

Env B properties:

Env B properties

Has anyone else come across this and how did you deal with it?



BTW: the link above with the solution worked