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Cannot apply CSS and javascript in Nintex Mobile app forms

Question asked by mohammad.mavia1 on Nov 20, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2016 by emha

i have just start using nintex mobile app, i have configure my "Nintex Mobile Phone Layout" having following issues:


1) i have apply basic CSS tags of color and background color on a text box through a class which didnt apply on nintex mobile forms.

    (Note i have create a class in Custom Css int he settings of the form and apply it to a textbox)

2) My application gone crash whenever i change the drop down value on nintex mobile forms

    (Note: there is a rule in my form that if the value of the drop down is equal to a specific value a panel will become visible       which consist two repeating section and another panel inside it.)

3) i have removed all the controls which nintex mobile app doesnt suppot as mention in this article Forms functionality supported for use with Nintex Mobile  but still it gives me this warning

Emily Billing Vahid Taslimi please need your support