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All CRM actions "Cannot connect to server"

Question asked by harry on Nov 24, 2016
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Just gone through a CRM2011 upgrade to CRM2016. I have many WFs with CRM actions. All WFs previously published are working (just changed global URL to point to new server URL)

The issue is that I now get "Cannot connect to server" when I try to edit any CRM actions or add new ones.


Installed version: Nintex Workflow 2010 ( - English


the post doesn't give me an acceptable solution (I believe that Nintex CRM actions are 2016 compatible on version


I'm not convinced at all that this is a Nintex issue but I'm posting this in the hope that someone can maybe point me in the correct direction of where the issue lays. Or should I log a support call as this is a big issue for us right now?


Any help most appreciated