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Forms: how do i conditionally disable 'add row' in repeating section

Question asked by contenu on Nov 21, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2016 by emha

My custom SP2013 list has a people/group column Submitter. In the list form, I have a repeating section control. In the repeating section Control Settings, I am trying to configure an Expression in the Prevent add/delete in new/edit mode field that disables the add row link when the current user is NOT the Submitter.

I've tried:


  • fn-IsCurrentUser(Current User,Submitter)
  • fn-Not(fn-IsCurrentUser(Current User,Submitter))
  • fn-If(fn-IsCurrentUser(Current User,Submitter),"Yes","No")
  • fn-If(fn-IsCurrentUser(Current User,Submitter),1,0)

but none of these work. You help is greatly appreciated.