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Generating a doc with different filters for different secitons

Question asked by on Nov 17, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2016 by pgbcld

Using DrawLoop, we want to generate a weekly meeting agenda with various sections based on certain criteria for Opportunities.

It should pull from all Opportunities, but the first section is for the those with a certain stage, the next section for a different stage and certain priority, etc.

The solution I was picturing was tying all Opportunities to a single "agenda" campaign record via a custom lookup field. And setting up a DDP from the campaign object, with multiple relationships to Opportunities, with each relationship having the appropriate filter for a different section of the final doc.

Is there a simpler solution than this, like running a DDP from multiple reports, where each report has the appropriate filter in place for a different section of the agend?


I have attached the sample agenda where I started filling in some of the field mappings based on my initial plan.

If anyone has a solution that doesn't involve tying all Opportunities to a single campaign, please share you idea.