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Dropdown Rule:  Show / Hide

Question asked by rwalters81 on Nov 17, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by emha

I'm a new Nintex user and I've run into issue regarding rules based on dropdown choices.  I've yet to find this exact answer covered on the forums.  I'm using Nintex 2010 Forms, and will be upgrading to 2013 in the near future.



I have a large dropdown list of Part Numbers that is a located in a dropdown. Based on the Part Number, we want various fields to show up that are hidden when those entries have not yet been selected.  For example Part Numbers 1,2, and 3 will show X fields and Part Numbers 4,5,and 6 will show Y fields.  I'm having a difficult time including multiple part numbers to show the same fields using the not equal function.  The equal function does work.

This EQUAL Formula Works:

PartNumber == "ITEMID;#1" || PartNumber == “ITEMID;#2
<--- Hide button checked


Unfortunately this gives me the opposite effect of what I'm looking for.  This formula will hide the fields that I want to show and will show them at runtime.  So I thought to do the not equals function.  However, that function for whatever reason does NOT work even though the syntax is nearly identical.


NOT EQUAL Non Working Formula:

PartNumber != "ITEMID;#1" || PartNumber != “ITEMID;#2

<--- Hide button checked


I'm struggling to understand why the EQUAL function works but the NOT EQUAL function doesn't.  Can anyone assist with this rule?






Thanks in advance!