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Each iteration of the query list action is extracting just the first person in a People/Group multi-selectd field and then concatenating it to the previous item's extracted names. Why? ...and Help!

Question asked by drewa on Nov 17, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by kapilkjoshi

For a site workflow, I've learned how to build a table of queried list items for insertion into an email. However for each list item/row I want to list the person(s) Assigned To a specific list item. What I see  happening is that list query is extracting the first person only of a multi-select people/group field in each list item. When the next list item is queried, that first person is extracted and the person(s) in the previous are added to it. ?? How could this be happening?

Note 5 Rows; The first row has just one assignee, the second two, the third three...???

It appears that the variables I use in the Build String actions in my For Each loop are not clearing at the end of the loop, but nor is the query pulling all Assignees for each item. For example, in the first row, there should be THREE people listed in the Assigned To column. Any thoughts are much appreciated!


====Subsequent additional info:


I did create a history log action to see what was in the Assigned To collection variable for each iteration of the For Each action. It is retrieving all people listing in the People Group field of the target list. For example, For ID 584: Assignees: i:0#.w|us\ab86115;i:0#.w|us\ebergln;i:0#.w|us\1110mu; Note that is 3 people where the table above is only indicating one assignee for that ID Nbr.