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Multiple Emails Setting Off Workflow

Question asked by browna6 on Nov 16, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2016 by browna6

Hi, How do I stop multiple email notifications being sent after a field is modified.

E.g. When an submission is made to a list, I want a notification to go to person A. Then if only a specific field is changed, the workflow runs again through the 'run modified condition' send to person B.

However, at the moment if person B makes an amendment, person A receives a notification again (Work flow is seeing it as an item is being created again & sending the same notification as first)

I ideally want - I make a submission, one notification sends to person A. (Person A to never receive another email, no matter what is amended to any fields in future). Then person A makes an amendment, then person B receives an email only.

I need it to run upon creation & when modified

I hope that is clear

Thank you