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Nintex Task - "Sorry this hasn't been shared with you"

Question asked by carl.taute on Nov 15, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2016 by jackgelo

Hi, I'm having a problem around understanding the required permissions to assign a task to a person in a scenario where the person does not require access to the parent site where the library\task resides



Site:      - Permissions for UserA = NONE (the user does not need to access the site in general)

Library:    - Permissions for UserA = NONE (the user does not need access to the source document, from which the workflow runs)


However, a workflow within the Document Library above could trigger a task for "UserA",  who would then need to complete their task (the task would be


Due to the requirement that non-site members may require access to their task, I have tried to give "Domain\Everyone" = Contribute permission to the list.


However, I still get this issue.

(in the above scenario, UserA still has no site access, but is given direct access (contribute) to the WorkFlowTasks library)


Am I missing something obvious? I would think that having contribute access to the task list would be sufficient, but it is not

If I give Everyone = Contribute access to the entire site, it works. However, this is way too much permission. I would like to keep permission to a minimum for non-site members to access tasks assigned to them