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Nintex Forms for Office 365 Bug when using Google Chrome

Question asked by benmcmann on Nov 15, 2016

We have encountered a bug in Nintex Forms for Office 365 when using Google Chrome.  Here is the scenario:


Design Overview:

We have a multi-line text control on the form bound to a multi-line List column with ‘Rich Text’ format.
We have a formatting rule that has been added to the form to disable the multi-line text control when a choice column in the list has a specific value.


When the form is opened in edit mode in chrome, the formatting rule fires and disables the multi-line text control as expected. But hitting backspace with the text highlighted in the control clears it. This behavior cannot be replicated in IE.
Chrome seems to allow deletion of text in a disabled control with the ‘Backspace’ key.   The ‘Delete’ key does not clear text in the control.


We encountered this bug when doing system testing of a solution with our customer.  Has anyone else experienced this issue with Nintex Forms for Office 365?