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Nintex Workflow SP2010 Editor Errors After Adding Column to List Content Type

Question asked by jeff on Aug 28, 2014
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New Nintex user here.


I have a custom list using a content type in SharePoint 2010 site

I have a Nintex workflow that runs when new items are created in the list. The workflow has been working fine.

I added a new column to the content type.

I opened the Nintex workflow to set that field to a value.

I click on an empty node in the workflow diagram and choose Insert Action > Libraries and Lists > Set Field Value.

A "Set Field Value" action box appears on the diagram.

I double click the action box (or select "Configure" from the action box menu) and a dialog pops up with an error:


I delete the "Set Field Value" action box and add an Update Item action box with the same result.


When I try to edit other action boxes on the diagram, they all seem to open OK and be editable except for one that creates an item on another site. It shows the same type of warning when double clicked.


I go back and delete the newly-added column from the content type (thereby restoring the content type to its original state) and then go back and try editing the Nintex workflow again. Now the Nintex workflow seems to work fine and no errors are experienced.


I haven't tried adding or deleting content types from the list, so I don't know how that might affect the workflow.


Any thoughts? Does a workflow need to be updated somehow after modifying list item content types?