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Can I do a lookup to an external list?

Question asked by dgoza on Nov 15, 2016
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I am implementing a Travel Request Form; one of my requirements is to do a budget lookup.  I am on Standard, I cannot use SQL Request.  

First drop down:  Our organization has Divisions that may have access to multiple account groups, i.e. the Tech Division has access the accounts for the CIO as well as Tech purchases.  Select a Division from a list of Divisions.  This is a lookup field in the List to a list called 'Divisions'.

Second drop down: The list of account groups is filtered by the Division above.  ListLookup into the 'DivAcctGroups' list filtered on the Division name from above.

Third drop down: Individual accounts. I have an External List with the account group, the account, and the budget available in the account.  Filter the External List, 'TravelBudgetAvailable' on the Account Group value from the second drop down, to pick an individual account.

Calculated field: Lookup into the external list, 'TravelBudgetAvailable', on the account field, based on the value from the third drop down, and return the budget available.


This all works in Preview!  However, when I attempt to save the form, I get the following error:  

Sorry, something went wrong
Search could not be performed. The underlying CAML query could not be executed.
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Correlation ID: 38acb79d-94d4-50c2-ba48-16175c094406

Date and Time: 11/15/2016 9:24:17 AM

Are lookups to External Lists supported?  They appear to work up to a point.