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Programatically Invoke Delete List Item in Nintex Form

Question asked by ksubburam on Nov 10, 2016
Latest reply on May 1, 2018 by sojanm

Have a Nintex Form (with a Project Lead people picker control) and per the requirement would have to allow edit/delete operations only if the current user matches with the user set in the Project Lead control.  From Edit/Save operation perspective, was able to achieve it by setting the Rules to perform the validation and disable the "Save" button.


However, for Delete need suggestions on how to associate custom JS / Rules to perform this validation.  One approach that I tried was to hide the default "Delete" button on the Form Ribbon and add a custom button to the Nintex Form to programmatically perform the "Delete" operation (by enabling/disabling it).  But couldn't figure out as to how to invoke the "Delete" operation when the button is pressed. 


Is there a way to link my new button to the hidden ribbon "Delete" button, to simulate the same "Delete" operation, when pressed"