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Nintex Worklow Deployment : the class NintexWorkflowWS not exists under the webservice

Question asked by harisharepoint on Aug 28, 2014
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I am trying to package nintex workflow and followed the below steps in my vs2012 solution


1) Created a module and added .nwf inside the module.

2) Added a feature event receiver

3) Added service reference to NintexWorkflowWS.

I am to instantiate an object of the class NintexWorkflowWS,


using NintexWorkflowWS;

NintexWorkflowWS.NintexWorkflowWS=new NintexWorkflowWS();


I am getting the compiler message saying NintexWorkflowWS doesn't exist under the namespace 'NintexWorkflowWS'.


There are other classes like NintexWorkflowWSSoap,NintexWorkflowWSSoapClient etc.


Is there is any component missing from the web service. Please help to solve.