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Send email from different address (no "reply-to" field)

Question asked by enrique.polin on Nov 10, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2017 by tposzytek

Hello, we created a support request automation service with Nintex workflows and we are sending emails through the "Send Notification" action to our company's providers using the default sharepoint smtp address ( but with the "From" field is configured as ( 



The problem here is that some of our providers use an automated services to reply our emails and their service doesn't reply to the "From" field address ( instead they reply to the original sender ( and this is giving us problem because our support area doesn't get the answer from the provider system.


Is there a way to send the email from an address different from the SharePoint's default smtp address ( instead of using the reply-to address ("From" field in Nintex's Send Notification action)? Possibly sending the email through a web service instead of nintex's "Send Notification" action.. I am not a developer so I don't know if its possible to do so.


I will appreciate any help.


Thanks you!.