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Nintex form does not recalculate calculated fields on form edit

Question asked by arobins on Nov 7, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2016 by arobins

Hi all,

I'm creating a travel expense claim form which captures an employees total miles and parking in a pay period. This is done using calculated fields. This function works as intended.


There will be times when the form owner will have to edit it after it has been saved. In my testing, when I edit the form, all of the calculations resolve to zero's. The fields will only recalculate when I place my cursor in the form field and click out of it.


What I'm trying to do is have the form show the calculated totals when the form is edited or at the very least recalculate the totals when any form field is edited. I've ensured I'm using named controls in my calculated fields (Eric Harris). I did find a possible solution on a post by James Cragle using javascript but the example uses the date difference and I can't seem to replicate the javascript to work with my problem - likey because my javascript skills are as good as my Nintex skills.


I've done a quick video to show what I'm talking about.


Any help is appreciated.