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Publishing workflow no longer overwrites existing version

Question asked by jeffwahl24 on Aug 29, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2015 by jeffwahl24

Just discovered that when I modify an existing workflow and attempt to publish a new version, it no longer appears to overwrite the existing version.  I did not notice this until I went to manually start the workflow for the list item.  From the workflow menu, it now shows two versions of the same workflow with the new version having "(1)" in the title (see screen capture below).


I have been modifying workflows in this site for years and have not had this occur until a few days ago.  The "Overwrite Existing Version" is checked when I publish the workflow.  We are using SharePoint / Nintex Workflow 2010.


Can someone please explain why this is just now occuring and what I can do to stop it?  The multiple versions is confusing our users!  Many thanks for any assitance!

Workflow Versions.jpg