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Workflow suspends on O365 upload file action

Question asked by tposzytek Champion on Nov 7, 2016
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Hi all!


I have a weird problem. When workflow tries to execute action "Office 365 Upload file" it gets suspended. The aim of the action is to copy a file indicated as a "Content" (direct to a fil stored in SharePoint, being a list attachment) into a UserPictures library in the same site as the mentioned list.


However workflow gets suspended showing hint: "RequestorId: 6c4389e3-efe8-c4de-0000-000000000000. Details: ServiceNoResponse" and there is also a message logged claiming, that "The list 'UserPictures' does not exist in web site [...]". But it does


The action seems also well configured to me, even if I copy-paste URLs it still shows the same error:

O365 upload file configuration


Does anyone faced a similar issue? I even found an identical solution to what I was trying to achieve (Nintex attachment workflow) and author claims it works and frankly speaking - it should


Any help highly appreciated



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