Suggestions on new form refinement project

Discussion created by nfarrin on Nov 4, 2016
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We are new to Nintex and plan to subscribe to tier 2 licensing. Our business has 80 site collections (1 for each site office). Each site office has a sales team and a construction team.

The project we are about to begin is to refine 30 paper forms for the construction teams into SharePoint\Nintex forms. Due to the volume of site collections I cannot place these forms at each site office level as that would take the form license count to 80 x 30!

My plan is to centralise the forms onto one site collection so we keep the form count beneath 100. What I would envisage as the optimum solution would be if I can find a way of moving the submitted forms to the relevant site office site collections. I intend to use a managed metadata field named 'Site' to help me with this but I could do with a bit of guidance\advice on how someone with years of Nintex experience would go about this objective?