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formate date - month and day problem

Question asked by public-profile on Aug 29, 2014
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I have a list with a column that holds a date.

I run a scheduled site workflow that will loop through the list. As part of the loop I'll use a query list action and read out the date into a work flow variable. This variable is used in a notification mail where I use the inline FormatDate function to present the date as dd-MM-yyyy.


My problem is, that the date is actually formatted the other way around.

So 8th of September should come out as 08-09-2014 (day-month-year). But it's formatted as 09-08-2014 (month-day-year).

If I have a date in my list that is 20th of April is should come out as 20-04-2014. But with this date the function fails resulting in an output like

fn-FormateDate(20-04-2014 00:00, dd-MM-yyyy)

It makes sense that it fails if it deals with the date as month = 20 since only 12 months are available.


I suspect that the problem comes from reading the date in the query list action. Here the date is read into a workflow variable. I suspect that the day is read as month and month is read as day. But I don't know how to overcome this problem.


Any thoughts how to avoid this problem?