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Error in request review action. The user to assign the task to has resolved as blank text.

Question asked by wmuzzio on Nov 2, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2016 by wmuzzio

Hello everyone,


I have been working on a big workflow that has several nested state machines, and has undergone major changes over the last few weeks.


Recently, I began receiving this error: "Error in request review action. The user to assign the task to has resolved as blank text."


The way the workflow works is first it creates a flexi task where the reviewer as the option to choose approve, reject, or need more information. When choosing need more information, the outcome updates the workflow status, then changes state to the need more information state, where there is an action set which logs the created by user, and then requests review from the created by user.


When I am selecting Need More Information, the workflow correctly updates the status then changes states, but immediately errors and gives me the error above. It does not reach the request review action. I know this because it does not reach my log which is placed prior to the action. I'm racking my brain as to why it errors on state change, and why the error produced claims that the error is in the request review action. I have been looking at the visual status of the workflow, provided by nintex, and the workflow does not even make it to my action set.


Any insight would be greatly appreciated, I can have more screenshots ready for help. Thanks!


EDIT: I know that the request review action has someone in the "collect data from" section, because I have hardcoded my email there and it is still errors prior to the action set, while giving the error that the problem lies in the request review action 0.o