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List Lookup - Large lists - Change Source View Dynamically

Question asked by vitor.medeiros on Nov 4, 2016



I'm trying to develop a form with 5 list lookups and these lists have a large number os items (more than 10k items per list). This has a huge impact on perfomance and even with views to try filter (and reduce) the number os items to show, it remains really slow and when we try to open the form.


So, at this moment, I think the best plan that I could do, it is to create more accurated views. I could do that, however, I need to get data from the the form (and this information will be filled by the user) to select the correct view to show in that each case.


The plan sounds very nice until now, but to put it on plan I need to change the "Source View" of the list lookup using Javascript and I do not if it is possible. Is it possible or there is another workaround ?