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Task doesnt close in parallel action

Question asked by thzu on Nov 2, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2016 by thzu

Hi all!

I am creating a workflow and I have a 'run parallel actions' action in it. In the end of every branch there is a review.

The first review goes to the person with index 0 in a person collection, the second review to the second person in the collection,.. (up to 7 in total)


What happens is (I tried it with 2 persons) that both reviews create a task (which is good), but if one person closes the task it still stays open (and in the workflow history it says 'pending'). When the second person closes the task, the task of the first person closes, but the task of the second person stayes open (I waited an hour or something and it is still open..)


Why is that? Why does my task close when someone else closes their task? Any idea how I can find the problem? Thanks a lot!