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Distorted form layout

Question asked by csrameneni on Oct 31, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2016 by emha

Hello Friends,

I'm facing a strange issue regarding the layout of the form and this is the process I'm following:


Step 1: Created Panel 1 inside I placed a "Yes/No" list column

Step 2: Created Panel 2 which has Submit and Cancel button

Step 3: On Submit button, I used a validation rule to hide the Submit button when the list column value is selected as "No"


And as you can see, when the form loads / or even when I click on the Submit button, the Cancel button is pushed below the form.


The weird part is, when I remove the validation rule on the button, the form does render as designed.


I'm running out of options and patience here. Appreciate if any of you can provide some solution.


Thank you.