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SharePoint Online - Start Workflow Action - Start 2010 WF?

Question asked by bpulliam on Aug 27, 2014
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I am working on a SharePoint Online project and need to send emails to external addresses. SharePoint 2013 WF will not allow you to email someone etc... My research indicates that this was intentional for security purposes...(ok?!?!)


So in order to accomplish this my idea was to do the email using a SharePoint 2010 workflow in designer (which does not have this limitation) and then call it from Nintex workflow using the start workflow action.


When I run the action, it returns the following message and fails.


'List workflow' named 'Activation Portal Email' does not exist.


I assume that Nintex workflow cannot see workflows outside of it's framework and that's why it's not working. I have a workaround in mind, but it's ugly (I'll trigger the email workflow based on a toggle in the list using the change event) and it means running a workflow every time the item is modified which is annoying and messy.


I'd like to confirm that Nintex cannot see purely designer based workflows in SharePoint Online. Perhaps I am doing something wrong.