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Nintex Workflow Update List Item

Question asked by jadez28 on Oct 28, 2016
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I have a unique question that I couldn't find on the discussion boards. I am trying to update multiple list values from a Nintex Form input to a SharePoint list. This is for O365. Here is a copy of my form so you can understand what I'm trying to do:



As you can see, I have a rating system of Exceeded, Met, Did Not Meet, and NA. What I need to show up in the SharePoint list is a number value for each of the selections. For Exceeded: 5, Met: 3, Did Not Meet: 1, and NA: 0.


I tried using a Workflow for the first time and got it to work with the snapshot below using the action "Update List Item". I was only able to get one field to change based on one value. You can only have 15 workflows per library or list.



Ok - Now for the question. How do I get this to correlate for all of my survey questions?? I was going to use a VLookup function, but I know there has to be a way to use this software more efficiently.


Is there a way to use something on my entire list that says if there is an Exceeded, then change to 5 and so on? Or perhaps I'm not thinking of different options that are available either in SharePoint or Nintex forms?? Please help!


Thank you!