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Flexi task: Approval by smarthpone.

Question asked by thomasdeschryver on Oct 28, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2016 by jackgelo


I have made a workflow with a flexi task for approval of the item. I want my approvers to be able to approve by smartphone as well, so I have made a smartphone task form in Nintex forms next to the regular task form.

When the approver now opens the e-mail notification on their smartphone they first get a "Workflow task" screen were they can click save or cancel. When they click on either button they are directed to the task form.


This works fine but I want to avoid the "Workflow task" screen. Does anyone know if that is possible or not?

Or is there maybe a better way to do this, for example using the Nintex app?


Workflow task screenshot is attached to this message.


Thank you!